Sometimes there are specific emails you want to be alerted to immediately. While there are a lot of options for this, like scripting things on the server level, most email tools let you handle this on their end.


Short email is better. You get 160 characters. So this is a tweet length of stuff. Whatever emails you decide to do this with must be short.

Be very careful based on how many texts you think you’ll get. If you get too many, you’ll blow through your limits.

In order to email anything to your phone as a text, you need to know your email address. They all work the same way, in that it’s a phone number followed by an @something – just like normal email. What’s your address? You’ll have to read your network provider’s documentation. Wikipedia has a list of some US carriers that can get you started. If you have the option for MMS, and you know your email has pictures and stuff, use that. But again, you should be short!

How To

All you have to do is create a filter for the emails you want to forward. Seriously, that’s it.

My gmail filter looks for emails with the subject [Mass WP Upgrade] and if found, applies a label, moves to a folder, never marks as spam, and yes, texts me.

My Gmail Filter

If you do this you’ll get an alert telling you that if you don’t mark things as spam, you can (heh) spam the hell out of your forward and get in trouble.

This is pretty much the same as for cPanel, who has incredibly robust filter available. The extra fun is that while you can just use “Redirect to Email” to forward the message, you can also pipe it to a program on your server. If that made no sense to you, don’t worry about it. Just know it’s there.

If you’re using gmail, you also need to add your text email address as a forwarding address. Don’t Panic!! I know it makes it look like it’ll forward all your email. It won’t. For cPanel and other things, they don’t require verification of the forwarding destination.

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