The Saga of Harassment by Way2Enjoy:
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(Last Updated 25 May 2023)


In January Mr. Tiwari resumed emailing with a new story. Now he had a day job in service/manual labor (from 10am to 10pm) and had learned some humbling things. He also claimed to be fiscally responsible for his hitherto unmentioned 8 siblings (previously only a sister who was getting married was mentioned), his mother was dying because of the stress, his ex wasn’t talking to him, and he needed a loan from Mrs. Epstein for $10,000 USD. 

Unsolicited advice on how to run LezWatch.TV also persisted and new protections were put in place.

Contacting the US Congress and Senate

Next Mr. Tiwari emailed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (the US Representative from New York) for help, claiming he was a law-abiding citizen who needed help having his plugins restored. He went on to email multiple unrelated third-parties, including the NY Times and informed the Plugins team:

I tend to bring wordpress.org for hearing under Congress and do whatever

you want and remember as of now I am following legal route only. If you

tend to damage my reputation, I have also plenty of ways to handle your


He raised the bar with ‘legal threats’ and claims that he would bring WordPress up to Congress for this. After cc’ing the plugins team on 14 separate such emails, he informed he would keep emailing them, but stopped cc’ing. His emails, which were all very similar in tone, expressed the following:

  • That Mrs. Epstein can transfer ownership of any and all plugins to herself
  • That there is no ‘law’ that permits a plugin to be closed if the violation was in another plugin
  • That there is no ‘law’ that permits a website to moderate content
  • That it is against the law to not permit someone to edit their own content
  • That it is a conflict of interest to allow someone who has their own plugins to govern others

Requests to meet in person (should Mr. Wood or Mrs. Epstein come to India) persisted, as did requests for video chat. All were ignored and blocked.

Further Blocks

Mr. Tiwari continued to cyberstalk Mrs. Epstein on Twitter, following her and emailing regarding various tweets under the mistaken assumption they were about him. When she tracked down his new twitter account and blocked it, she also reported it for harassment (which as the harassment was outside Twitter, there was nothing they would do). He retaliated by making three new emails with mail.com and blasting the plugins email. Again this behavior was reported to mail.com. He also rage-deleted the twitter account, however Mrs. Epstein had to do another purge of all possibly suspect accounts who followed her.

In the course of those emails, Mr. Tiwari claimed he’d tried to call Mr. Mullenweg, ‘threatened’ to tell his former employees to email en masse to complain, and asked if the plugins team wanted him to go to jail.

I am giving your email address to my guys as they are forcing me to email you again and again and i am unable to give them proper reason for removing them.

Again, Mrs. Epstein never provided her personal email addresses.

There were implications of how Mrs. Epstein’s life would end in suicide or murder:

Now you thinks that you twitter friends will get fun with your tweet but very very few will come forward when you will be in problem.

and we will be one of them. Anytime you need help. Now you dont need but time is very powerful noone knows what will happen

Saddam Hussain never thought that he can be hanged

Hitler never thought he has to commit suicide

Gadaffi never thought that he will be killed by rebels




Mr. Wood replied and repeated that all anyone wanted was for him to leave them alone. This was, again, untenable to Mr. Tiwari.

Cessation of Communication by Plugins

As of January 17th 2019, it was determined there would be no further attempts to reason with Mr. Tiwari and all emails would be filed and/or blocked. There would be no replies to his email, and all email would be filed and ignored. Prior to this Mr. Wood had been, occasionally, asking him to stop.

Around this time, mail.com banned the IP used to create the harassing email addresses. The company cautioned that Mr. Tiwari would just use another IP, which he did in order to make more emails, which were in turn reported. The next day he moved to protonmail, presumably because mail.com banned him. This was reported to ProtonMail.com however based on their entire raison d’etre, this was determined as unlikely to bear fruit. ProtonMail never replied, however emails from Mr. Tiwari via their services soon after ceased.

Following that, Mr. Tiwari continued to email, though at a slower rate for no discernable reason. He continued to argue that because of Donald Trump, they should be permitted back, but also now asking if they could reproduce HalfElf.org posts on their site (there is already a license – https://halfelf.org/get/license/ – which says not for commercial sites, which Way2Enjoy.com would be). With yet another new email account, he explained how he found a way around the blocks to SMS his ex fiance:

i sent sms to my fiancee through some online website as she has blocked me in whatsapp, call and sms through regular means and requested her to unblock in whatsapp.

she unblocked.

then i said hi, she replied hi. then she asked ur plugin issue solved??

i said no

again blocked

This later established a pattern of harassment with multiple people. In addition, he took photos of unsuspecting people on his transit, sending them to Plugins and claiming they were ‘aflicted with the transgender condition’ and resorted to begging for money. It’s assumed he did this because of Mrs. Epstein’s work with documenting queer television media.

Charity Work

Starting January 23, following another ‘threat’ to purchase a domain with the intent of ‘helping’ Mrs. Epstein’s personal project (LezWatch.TV), Mr. Tiwari turned to self-proclaimed charity. His initial claims that he was unable to worship at a temple until he was allowed back in the directory led him to believe that the correct solution was to donate blankets to the poor and homeless. While he misunderstood the size of the United States, he also read the initial lack of response to his proposal (re the blankets) as ‘laughing’ at him, because it got to -22 in the US that week. He also accused her of murder:

If We are harasser as per your logic then you are murdere as you have killed livelihood of severals.


So if we are harasser you are murderer and curse of 50 people is always with you for wrongdoing and remember when you drive, you can control your driving ut who is coming from behind or front and what is his status whether he is fully drunk, driving after boss firing, or wife firing or anything and how cool or distur he is not known to you but everything knows to god.

You have disrespect the Lord Balaji and Lord Shiva, You will get hardest punishment in coming days.

I have visited 15 times to Lord Balaji and know his power well and soon you will realise.

The chosen charity work was to deliver blankets, though he made sure to stress how much of a hardship this was for him. Earlier claims by Mr. Tiwari included that his own physical condition was poor, and his leg and back prevented him from laboring. Also that he had no money to survive and help his family. Mr. Tiwari provided video ‘proof’ of his actions that did not prove much of anything at all. Following that, he decided god would tell him when to stop donating, and thanked us for the opportunity. He insisted this had nothing to do with his request to be unbanned, however he emailed immediately after saying if Plugins un-banned him, he would have more money to give away.


The very next day (24-Jan) Mr. Tiwari both accused Mrs. Epstein of murder, cursed her again, and then sent an email implying he’d mailed her a ‘Sorry’ card from Hallmark. Later that morning he attempted to contact her via DreamHost’s company chat and ticket system, at which point Mrs. Epstein escalated to her internal legal team. In reviewing those logs, it became evident he claimed to have physically mailed a card to the DreamHost offices. This drastically altered the credibility of any threats made.

Emails continued to plugins after this, a variety of love songs and an attempt to frame Mrs. Epstein as being the one who is doggedly pursuing vengeance. In those emails, Mr. Tiwari made the following claims:

  • That because few people (i.e. forum moderators) saw his misbehaviour, it’s okay and doesn’t count.
  • That the fault is on WordPress.org for punishing the misbehaviour of an 18-year old employee who, unsupervised, used his account.
  • That Mrs. Epstein wanted him to get 1-star reviews.
  • That being banned is forcing him (and his company) to become criminals.
  • That none of Mrs. Epstein’s friends would ever tell her she was making mistakes.
  • That being banned prohibits him from attending prayer at his chosen temple.
  • That Mrs. Epstein is physically ugly due to her lack of forgiveness.

Precautions were taken at the DreamHost offices and systems.

Threat to “damage you maximum”

On January 25th, Mr. Tiwari claimed Mrs. Epstein had reduced his plugin ‘active user’ count to zero by editing the database. Mrs. Epstein has no database access on WordPress.org, and at best she could edit the values in WordPress, but they would re-set after 4 hours or so which would be pointless. However closed plugins no longer display user count as part of an attempt to prevent abuse by developers. This course of action was over the line, according to Mr. Tiwari, and he threatened to harm Mrs. Epstein’s reputation:

I will damage maximum and you will be responsible as i begged like anything for 65 days and unethically you changed my active install count for both plugin to zero and you will be loser. The name you have made in 15-20 years time you are ruining with your anger.

The deadline to restore his plugins was given as Wednesday, January 30, 2019 3:27:25 PM.

On Tuesday the 29th, he walked back on this threat, however he also blamed the Polar Vortex on Mrs. Epstein, and the wrath of his god. 


Beginning February, full details of each email to Plugins were no longer being recorded unless they were of significance. The gist remained the same: He was sorry, he begged for one more/a second chance, his mother was sad, we have destroyed his life.

This is also when Mrs. Epstein’s father passed away unexpectedly.

Mid-month he announced his former fiancee was getting married to someone else, and the wedding would be on Feb 27th. On Feb 23rd, he asked to come to America and meet Mrs. Epstein for 15 minutes in March. The likelihood of him acquiring a Visa was determined to be low based on his economic situation and intent, as the U.S. State Department was enforcing stricter visa requirements at that time.

Around this time, Mr. Tiwari brought to light the fact that he used to compensate reviewers with free credits. That was another guideline violation. Starting in October of 2018, he explained that he had offered 1000 credits for a review, which explained why he had such a strange number for such an ill used plugin. In accordance with WordPress.org guidelines, all reviews were closed and removed.

As of February 27th, he claimed that he would come to the United States immediately if he was unbanned. The implication is that if he was unbanned, he would be able to stop his ex-fiance’s wedding to someone else, and thus marry her. Following that he would come to Los Angeles to “touching ur feet (this is the way we respect our elders/gurus) and seek ur kindness on us” – This was reported to DreamHost, as the only LA location Way2Enjoy might know for Mrs. Epstein would be the LA offices. Again, the email was not replied to.

On average, 20 separate emails were received each day throughout the month.


On Friday, March 1, Mrs. Epstein took her account private for a few days and used the time to block all suspect accounts going back to 2016. Starting with when she went private on the 1st, emails ceased. There was an email wherein Mr. Tiwari said he wanted to follow her on Twitter:

respected madam,

i m least interested in following u i am doing so because i need ur blessing back.

Please unban or allow to publish new plugins so that i get something to engage myslef. now my only work is to please u so i keep thinking everything possible which can help me convince u.

now my fiancee is also not there so now i am more alone

Then he sent a final email with a photo of three children, saying these mysterious children (who had never been mentioned before or since) would be unable to attend school.

On March 7th he created a new user account on WordPress and resubmitted his optimizer plugin. The account was banned and the plugin rejected without comment. Subsequently, he emailed 9 times, offering to send flowers to her office as well as come to America on April 11th, to meet with Mrs. Epstein. None of these emails were replied to, however as he was using a new gmail account, Gmail’s guidelines were checked.

Per Google’s Gmail guidelines:

Don’t create or use multiple accounts to abuse Google policies, bypass Gmail account limitations, circumvent filters, or otherwise subvert restrictions placed on your account. (For example, if you’ve been blocked by another user or have had your Gmail account disabled due to abuse, don’t create a replacement account that engages in similar activity.)

This meant a second account like that was a clear violation of Gmail’s guidelines, and was reported.

Another Delivery

On March 8th, Mr. Tiwari claimed he was sending flowers to Mrs. Epstein. It was presumed he meant her office, since he did not (and does not) have her home address. The appropriate people at DreamHost were notified, since while it was unlikely to be true, it was better to be safe.

His claim:

However i have chosen this. You will be receiving this on Monday.

i have chosen one dozen rainbow roses so that atleast one rose u like and
pardon us


Then Mr. Tiwari claimed he was going to come to the US on April 11th. 

Here is my flight for USA but i wont get visa untill u allow to meet u.

if u would have accepted apology through SKYPE or email that would be great
but i would like to meet u once because i have really done lot of nonsense
and i deserve to meet u and fole my hand and say

SORRY from hear

up flight


return flight


visa fee 190$
total will be approx 2000$

Need ur ok to book flight else rate will increase.

i request ur 5 min time outside dreamhost if possible or any nearby place
if u guide.

i need ur blessing to sail through this life

No one replied to him and this too was reported to Automattic and DreamHost.


Mr. Tiwari then made it clear he will continue to stalk Mrs. Epstein’s Twitter account to find out how he can change her mind. 

On the 13th, Way2Enjoy made a threat to destroy her life:

u destroyed my life and i ll destroy urs.

u give lifetime ban, i will give lifetime ——-

its coming sooner than expected because u dont believe in together we win. u belive in showing attitude and wait

And in a subsequent email:

in my case there wont be unban button.

it will remain for life and u will remember for life the begging i did for 7 months and wish i had not that much ego.

Again, there was no reply made to this threat. One presumes he was reading into Mrs. Epstein’s tweet about how to ask forgiveness and presumed it was about him. He appeared to believe everything she tweeted was about him. This was reported to mail.com (complete with full headers) however they appear to be unable to manage things.

In addition, his claims of 6, 7, and 8 months of being banned were a gross exaggeration. He had, at this point, been banned less than 4 months.

Another New Plugin and Bribes

On March 14th, Mr. Tiwari made another new user and submitted a new version of their plugin. This was, again, rejected without comment, immediately prompting another email with another threat:

u r one OK away from disaster for u

i tried my level best.besgged 8 months. stop witch hunting else first disablities and then u willl fly in air

Again, this was not replied to. He escalated the bribery attempts, claiming that he was now rich because he was selling his product elsewhere, and wants to either donate $100,000 to charity or the WordPress foundation or buy Mrs. Epstein and Mr. Wood Teslas. This is only of interest because he mentioned the town in which Mrs. Epstein resides. At this stage, legal protection was investigated as the state of California has a dim view of this sort of thing.

Mid-March, he explained he was making money via extensions on Prestashop, Magento, and Shopify’s services, and now was rich. He and an unnamed partner would pay for and sponsor Mr. Tiwari to travel to Chicago on March 25th, in order to establish a web hosting business. Towards this end, he wished to offer Mrs. Epstein free hosting for life and part ownership:

we are coming to chicago on 25th march for hosting datacentre negotiations. u have huge experience in hosting but u want to be an employee or want to own it??

We will be more than happy to have u as our hosting partner. we can share the profit 1/3rd.

i am not very disappoined by ur ban as i have got huge in other business and i understand god very well. he does everything for good. in image optimizer 99% of our customer was free , in other platform it is all paid. in prestashop, magento , shopify none are free for download even. and later huge rates.

A quick search of those platforms did not show his work at the time, though some came later. The massive contradictions in his stories (that he is broke and cannot visit his family, he is working manual labor, he has no money to come to LA in April, etc etc) suggested that he was lying.

Threats Again

On March 17th around 8pm UTC, he again decided to email four times and announce his intentions to sue WordPress and press charges in every nation.

Approx 6 month is over. So we are reporting to all countries all federal authorities including European union for unethical practice by wordpress.org.


We will be filing 10 million dollar damage in usa court on 26th of March during my USA visit

This string of emails was forwarded to HR at DreamHost and Mrs. Epstein considered locking her Twitter account, but decided it wouldn’t matter either way. As Mr. Tiwari was reading her websites and social media, he had determined his god is the reason her father died in February, and took it at a sign more horrible things would happen to her. He also repeated multiple times that he was coming to Chicago on March 25-28th, and wishes to meet Mrs. Epstein there in order to hire her for his new Webhosting business. It’s possible he picked Chicago as Mrs. Epstein once lived there.

On March 19th, he bombarded LezWatch.TV again with a peculiar series of messages.

Here is new show for ur site. u harm i hamr. together we
both waste eash other time instead of working something
good. u people are negative so i think negative can be
fought o0nly with negative

He also attempted to file a report with the LAPD for vandalism, not realizing that it’s not legally vandalism and nothing happened in LA, so it’s outside their jurisdiction. When the LAPD site blocked his application for help, he turned to ask the Plugins team for assistance. None was provided.

On the 21st he began a change.org petition which originally had Mrs. Epstein’s name on the page. Change.org was contacted by Mrs. Epstein who requested that the entire thing be removed, as it was a case of harassment. By the end of the day, Change.org had removed the petition entirely.

Thank you for writing to us to flag this content. Our team has determined that this petition violates our Community Guidelines in relation to bullying, and we have now removed it.


After this, Mr. Tiwari attempted to bribe Mrs. Epstein again by setting up his company to pay her:

i will be adding ur paypal account as payment method

(Redacted Email address)

so all money will come to u. u can donate wherever u want.

Mrs. Epstein ensured this would not be possible by, among other things, removing the address he was using from PayPal entirely and alerting them to the situation. No payments were sent to her account.


On March 22nd, 12 hours after confirming he had changed his Paypal to Mrs. Epstein’s address, Mr. Tiwari emailed from his main email a ‘farewell’ message, indicating he would no longer contact them.

At that time, DreamHost and Automattic legal teams continued investigating various options. Since Way2Enjoy had claimed to cease contact in the past, and reneged on such, it was assumed he would again attempt to contact the Plugins Team.

Finally i will accept that yes we did series of mistakes.

We are not as experienced as you guys are. Our intention was never wrong but lacked experienced and maturity.

We focused fully in plugin and few things did without thinking side affect and post ban also we did series of mistakes.

It was awesome working with u guys. With this ban we learnt lot and did mistake lot but life has given other opportunity to move forward.

We still love our plugin like anything as we developed in 3 years time but your decision is right.

If in future, you think that those plugin deserves one chance we will be thankful for your gesture.

Sorry and Good bye Wordpress. We will miss u loooooooooooot.


On April 7th, regardless of his goodbye, he again emailed, asking to be unbanned.

Its almost 6 months for guideline violation mistake. We have developed that plugin in 3 years day/night 24 hours, 365days hard work. Already apologized sincerely millions times

Cease & Desist

On April 10, 2019, a Cease & Desist notice was filed via Automattic. Mr. Tiwari replied to the notice, making it clear he had no intention whatsoever of complying with the notice. In his reply, he continued to grossly misunderstand what is and is not a bug, as well as refusing to accept responsibility for his own team (which is: he was warned and he still permitted unsupervised support techs to use the official developer account).

Per his request, the whole situation was reviewed by multiple people other than Mrs. Epstein, and all agreed that due to the number of warnings and violations, it was a reasonable decision. Furthermore, his subsequent behavior made it clear that he had no intention of correcting his behavior.

He emailed the Plugins Team two times following that, but did not mention the C&D either time. Neither email was replied to. Since then, he emailed the legal firm multiple times, threatening to file against them, among other things.

May – June

For most of May, he spent the time harassing the legal firm and claiming he would contact the Supreme Court of India.

We are filing case in high court for ban of Wordpress.org and wordpress.com for operating in India until they behave in professional manner and follow ethics.

And the email to the courts was CC’d to the Plugin team, including this:

They sent us this notice which is full of threat, lie and intimidation and same day we said that, we want to pursue this case in high court or supreme court of India.

On June 11, 2019, he emailed his intent to file with the California courts and that Mrs. Epstein would be notified within a few days.

I begged like anything. I never wanted to go through legal process and damage the relationship permanently but you did not agree to remove ban even after 200 days.

we have already apoligized million times to sort out issue but your intetion is to damage nothing else.

you acted completely unprofessional and unethical and forced us to file the case.

we did not hack, we did not stole, we were ready to give anything and everything you want in writing in stamp paper but your intention is just to harm us.

tiktok was banned for pornography with 120 million users and numerous example we gave.

now we are filing case in california court and you will receive notice in few days.

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, no such court notice was ever generated.

Another New Account

On 15 June 2019, the Plugins team was made aware of a new account owned by Mr. Tiwari. The company, PushDaddy was flagged for trademark abuse (using the GoDaddy logo) and investigated. It was quickly determined that the domain was owned by the same registrant as Way2Enjoy.com based on public dns information.

Screenshot demonstrating the use of the GoDaddy trademarked logo.

With that information, the accounts were banned and the plugin removed without notice. At no time did the PushDaddy account attempt to contact Plugins, and in fact it was not until a legal notice was filed that it was mentioned at all.

On 1 July 2019 a legal notice was finally emailed to Automattic’s lawyers, and CC’d to the plugins email. In this claim it was disclosed that the above plugin was indeed created by Mr. Tiwari:

It is pertinent to mention here that my client had developed and published one new app for WordPress.org which was also banned on 16th June,2019 without any discussion and also without any communication to my client.

Response to C&D issue

In the initial contact to Mr. Tiwari, he was informed that any attempt to circumvent his ban would be seen as a hostile action and further sanctions would be levied. Since that time he created a minimum of 5 accounts and attempted to submit plugins 3 separate times.

In the legal notice he claimed that there has been no threat from Mr. Tiwari, however there are email records including a threat to ask his god to act on his behalf on 26 November 2018  as well as threats to “damage” Mrs. Epstein’s life “maximum” on 25 January 2019, a claim that the bad weather in the US was due to his prayers to his god and he would never help her achieve forgiveness, and threats to destroy Mrs. Epstein’s life on 13 March 2019.

The notice also claimed Mr. Tiwari had behaved in a ‘humble and peaceful way to resolve the differences.’ This can be easily disproved by the aforementioned threats, but also by his own words in an email from 17 March 2019:

My apologies that I used some filthy languages to mika in past bit after 6 months and two times rejection of new fresh plugin I lost my patience. 

That email chain also included a threat to destroy Mrs. Epstein’s website rankings in Alexa as well as a heavy implication that the death of Mrs. Epstein’s father was her fault and caused by Mr. Tiwari’s prayers:

I wish, u would have respected Tirupati Balaji. I went there 15 times and he will fulfill anything u wish but if u wont go once it is fulfilled he will damage like anything. its my personal experience.

This claim was followed by a copy of Mrs. Epstein’s post regarding her father’s recent death on her personal blog.

On 16 June 2019, Mr. Tiwari apologized for the bad comments, claiming he knew that the apology may work against him in a court of law. It certainly went against his own claims of being ‘humble and peaceful.’

August – October

In the beginning of August, Mr. Tiwari sent two more messages to the plugins email asking why all this was being done against him. Then he announced, on August 6th, he was going to Tirupati, the temple his god resides at. He would be leaving on August 20th.

On the 10th, he commented on the video Mrs. Epstein made for her employer (DreamHost), but there were no further emails or attempts to contact in August.

After being out of the office for a few weeks, traveling, Mrs. Epstein returned on 24 September to find a package on her desk. That was a normal occurrence due to her travel load, however this package was from Amazon (sent 13 September) and contained a book of “7 Habits for Highly Effective People” – and per the message it was from Mr. Tiwari. This was later confirmed by his email asking if the package was received.

Mrs. Epstein contacted HR at DreamHost and notified the legal contacts at Automattic immediately, as well as warning Mr. Wood in case he became a similar target for such things.

Emails resumed again in October. This time the story was that his mother is dying and he needed his plugins back so he could make money to save her.


On the anniversary of the ban (Nov 22), he emailed Mr. Wood and Plugins:

Respected Madam,

Today its one year of ban.

You know more than me and more knowledge as well.

I know little available in public. For small crime like robbery etc Judge gives maximum one year of jail. We were not involved in any such things.

I respect your decision whatever you take.

Wordpress is like our Mother and we are its child. If you can consider unban we will be thankful to you.

The bolding was in his original email. The decision to ban him remained in place. In reality, he did not respect the decision.


Early in the month, an email was sent to plugins claiming the employee who misused the account, setting off this chain of events, was now gainfully employed by the Indian government at 5 times the salary from his work at Way2Enjoy. Mr. Tiwari said he provided the man with Mrs. Epstein’s address (at DreamHost) and a card was forthcoming.

The card arrived on December 12th and was processed by HR at DreamHost. That same day, Mr. Tiwari emailed multiple employees at DreamHost the same message, asking they help him. This was reported to HR who took appropriate action. Since that date, Mr. Tiwari resumed attempting to gain assistance via DreamHost’s official support methods, as well as cold-emailing a large number of employees and trying to contact them via LinkedIn. In some cases, he pressed for Mrs. Epstein to be fired.

HR sent an email to the company directing them to not reply and to forward communication to HR please. They also issued congratulations to Mrs. Epstein for fighting the good fight.

Recently, individuals in legal, HR, and in development at DreamHost received emails from this individual asking us to take action against Mika Epstein. Mr. Tiwari has reached out through LinkedIn to gain information on certain people who work for DreamHost (such as me) and has tried to make contact with me personally. In his communication, he urges DreamHost to take action with Mika suggesting we terminate her. So we are going to hereby take action!

Here is the official action:

Great Job Mika! Thanks for ridding the technical world of techno-criminals like this who seek to harm the greater open source community! We Embrace Open Source!

Internal DreamHost communication

Overall, DreamHost was nothing but supportive and protective of Mrs. Epstein.

The following day, 18 December, Mr. Tiwari proclaimed Mrs. Epstein was the cause of his sister’s husband’s death and that he would take revenge.

this is my last email to you.

you are responsible for my sister husband death.

lifetime i will take my revenge back

This was reported to Gmail as a threat, which is a ToS violation.

The final email for the year was a wish for a Merry Christmas.

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