The Saga of Harassment by Way2Enjoy:
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(Last Updated 25 May 2023)

January – March

At the start of the year, Mr. Tiwari opened a number of tickets with DreamHost, all asking for his work to be restored. At that time, the support team was made aware of the situation and directed to close the tickets.

On 8 January, Mr. Tiwari said he would no longer email. This was likely related to Mrs. Epstein’s reflective “Ten Years Ago” post on her personal website which mentions being harassed by him (not by name). This lasted until 12 February, when Mr. Tiwari asked if Mrs. Epstein blocked his website (sandboxwordpress.com).  She did not as she has no control over people’s websites.

After that, there was no communication until 20 March, when Mr. Tiwari decided to become the personal informant regarding COVID-19. Emails resumed at the 3 times a day metric. Based on screenshots he included, Mr. Tiwari was still emailing Mr. Mullenweg, including some claims that he hoped Mr. Mullenweg would be happy when he (Mr. Tiwari) was dead.


Emails continued until mid April, when Mr. Tiwari created a new account on WordPress.org and submitted a new plugin. This was summarily rejected without comment and the account banned. An older plugin was also found and closed at this time.

Around this time, he claimed to have been suspended by Adsense and it was somehow Mrs. Epstein’s fault.

Yes i had. i have removed from all such pages but i dont know which page they are referring. if they can help it will be super helpful . i have dispute with one lady and that lady is harming us here and there and where ever she gets chance and i guess here also she reported something. she is lesbian and trust me totally mad psycho. she writes to our host, she writes to all ads network we work. crazy lady.
Screenshot of Mr. Tiwari’s rant.

This is not true. All that was ever reported to Google was abuse of Gmail (making multiple addresses to ‘get around’ a mail block is a ToS violation) and threats made therein. No reports were made to AdSense.

September – December

In May and August, Mr. Tiwari sent one email. In September, he sent one regarding ‘700+’ days, in which he claimed the following:

In these 700 days i always used respected words. 

Again, there would be no replies to this, regardless of its demonstrable inaccuracy.

After only emailing once a month since May, he sent an email every day from November through December, while the US Election was being tabulated. After that, he emailed twice more.

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