The Saga of Harassment by Way2Enjoy:
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(Last Updated 25 May 2023)

As Mrs. Epstein left Twitter at the end of 2022, Mr. Tiwari had been silent on most WordPress matters for a few months.

He did begin the year complaining to people who liked Tumblr, repeating the disinformation that Tumblr was for porn.


On the 18th of February, the postponed (pre pandemic) WordCamp Asia finally took place. Per usual, Matt’s appearance was heralded by asking people for AMA (ask me anything) questions for his talk. Mr. Tiwari replied twice:

Two tweets. The first is the official @wordpress twitter asking for the ama. The second is a reply from @rstbiet — AMA but definitely he won’t answer why he acts like kids. Why he harm small developers even after 5 years. Why he rejects even new submissions after 5 years. Is he believes in taking revenge??

While Mr. Tiwari claims to have had recent rejections of plugins, to the best knowledge of the team, there have been no new submissions from him. This suggests that, even if he did submit, the rejections were solely on the merit of his submission.

His second tweet was a follow up:

A second reply to the AMA tweet my @rstbiet - He is approx 40  he still acts like 14 year old kid who wants to take revenge. Sort of stubborn kid

“Sort of stubborn kid” indeed.

But, more or less, relatively quiet.


In March, Mrs. Epstein announced her impending departure from the plugin team, and this had not yet been noticed by Mr. Tiwari. Instead he concentrated on :

Harroble company. They will witch hunt ur plugin and even after 5 year  won't allow to develop for them. Happy that they are dieing fast enough. Nowadays noone creates blog almost zero traffic in site so people don't spend on WordPress

His followup reply was less pointed at plugins:

Who has created this logo?? If u would have paid someone 5$ at fiverr they would have created much better logo. I know u guys don’t take feedback positively so its ur wish but ask anyone. The logo u r showing any 1st standard kid will create better.


In April, most of Mr. Tiwari’s complaints were over things like an exploding birthday cake and being banned by WhatsApp.

As evidence in the screenshot, Mr. Tiwari again says he was given “no reason” for his ban.

For some reason, he has also begun DMing people.


WordPress turned 20 on May 27th. As part of the pre-birthday celebration, Automattic tweeted

In a reply to a post by Automattic, celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of WordPress, Mr. Tiwari tweets: And controlled by one lesbian mika epstein who harasses developer even after 5 year.

Outside of this document, Mrs. Epstein has not addressed Mr. Tiwari in years, nor does she have any plans to do so.

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