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SSL Security: Killing RC4

Making your site more secure from the server level.

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In the middle of debugging what turned out to be an unrelated problem, my friend James pointed out that my server was throwing a warning about the RC4 cipher.

Ciphers? Ciphers?

When you want to transmit secure data, you use a cipher to encrypt the data. RC4 is a (hah) cipher. It generates a stream of random bits and bytes (they’re not really random) and combine them with plain text using a pattern to make an encrypted message. The secure connection unravels the bits because it knows the cipher too.

Ciphers only work if no one knows how to crack them. That isn’t the case with RC4 anymore and it was hacked. Sad news. Time to disable it!

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Disable it! Disable it!

Why was it enabled at all? As it happens, it was enabled on my servers for browsers that can only use it. Old browsers. The funny part is that those old browsers can’t support SNI (which is what lets me have multiple certificates and multiple https sites on one IP address), so the domains were broken anyway.

To disable, I went to WHM Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Global Configuration and changed my cipher suite to ALL:!ADH:!RC4:+HIGH:+MEDIUM:-LOW:-SSLv2:-EXP:!kEDH

The !RC4 is the part that says “Not this one!”

Restart Apache and you’re safe to go!

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