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SSL Security: Forward Secrecy

Keeping your readers and customers safe requires a little elbow grease with SSL Ciphers.

Forward secrecy is actually what it sounds like. It forwards on secrecy. This means that the secret keys you have won’t be compromised even if the server’s key gets hacked. The way it works is by constantly changing things. Basically it’s rotating its encryption forever.

“You’re constantly generating new keys for new messages,” says Nadim Kobeissi, the creator of Cryptocat, one instant messaging app that was early adopter of perfect forward secrecy. That means if a user’s device is stolen or hacked and eavesdroppers steal a decryption key, it doesn’t matter. “The latest message gets compromised, but any message prior to that message or after it can’t be decrypted,” Kobeissi says.

This is a good thing to have on your own server, as it means if a secure transaction (like an ebook sale) is compromised, only that one instance is impacted. No one else gets hacked. No other part of the sale is affected. You minimize damage considerably.

Let’s do this thing! Let’s do this thing!

On Monday we killed off RC4 by going to WHM Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Global Configuration and changing the cipher suite to this: ALL:!ADH:!RC4:+HIGH:+MEDIUM:-LOW:-SSLv2:-EXP:!kEDH

In order to properly handle perfect forward security, we have to reorder things. Instead of using ALL, which calls everything, we need to put the ciphers in a preference and omit the ones we don’t want. That gives us this:


Awesome. Once we set that, and restart Apache, we go to Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Include Editor » “Pre Main Include” and pick ‘All Versions’ from the drop down. I’ve edited this section before, when adding HSTS support. But then I edited pre_virtualhost_global.conf (“Pre VirtualHost Include”). This is just a different section.

In the Pre Main Include section, put this:

SSLProtocol all -SSLv3 -SSLv2
SSLHonorCipherOrder On

This forces the SSL protocol to v3 and then v2, but then it demands the order of the ciphers be honored.

Restart Apache and you’re done.

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Testing it Testing it

If you want to test, go to and you should see something that says A or A+. If you don’t have it right, you’ll max out at an A-. is A+ Secured

This site? It’s currently an A+, however that target is always moving. Keep safe out there.