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Review: Do The Twist

The Twist+ charger from OneAdaptr really was perfect in Europe and beyond!

When I got ready to go to WordCamp Europe this year, I realized I needed a new adapter. I had one, and it worked, but it also was highly imperfect as it required me to charge everything through my laptop. You know that drill, right?

Like a lot of road warriors, I travel with about four USB plugs and it’s a mess. It’s always looking for good plugs in a hotel room, and hoping I can charge everything. I used to have a cheap USB hub, but it shorted out. Cheap. I knew what I needed, and it was a charging ‘station.’ But I wanted one that would work ‘universally.’

The Drama Of Plugs The Drama Of Plugs

I don’t actually remember how I found this. It may have actually been an ad that popped up when I was searching for chargers. I’d been thinking about getting a multi-outlet travel power strip with a couple USB ports. My constant worry with those is the 3-prong US outlet isn’t actually universal here. I’ve been in a lot of nice hotels that don’t have them. Worse, converting from 3-prong to European outlets has, in summer at least, caused a power short.

Seriously, I blew out the power on my floor in Spain once. Sorry.

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OneAdaptr to Bind Them OneAdaptr to Bind Them

And then I ran into OneAdaptr. At first I was skeptical of the idea. While I had a universal adapter, the sort you can plugin anything into and get anything back out of, this was slightly different.

If you’ve got a Mac laptop, you’re familiar with the odd way you can change your power adapter to use the 2-prong or grab an extension and use a 3-prong. Backpacking off that concept, the Twist+ adapter lets you plugin your laptop right into the base, while leaving you four USB outlets.

Example of the twist adapter

This is the TWIST+ World Charging Station. And I’m a super fan.

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How I Use It How I Use It

First, yes, I use it entirely as intended, plugging my laptop and all my devices in. But I actually use it more as a USB hub. Shoving it into my purse, I was able to whip it out at a dinner with friends and plug all our devices in to charge. One of them had a 3-in-1 USB charging cable, and we ended up with 6 devices all plugged in and charging.

This works well with my ‘style’ as I tend to plugin laptops to charge while I shower and clean up at the end of the day. By the time I’m done, the laptop is charged and goes away, and the hub gets plugged in at my nightstand to charge a Watch, a phone, and an iPad. It could even do another phone without breaking a sweat. And in the absolute worst case? I could plug in my laptop and get two more ports.

If you just want a USB hub, they (will soon) have a World Charging Station which looks about perfect for a lot of things.

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While I have not had a problem with the USB connection for keeping my electronics charged, the converter that allowed me to use my blow dryer etc. failed half way through my 2 week trip

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