App Review: iStat Menus

A quick review of a desktop app I love for keeping tabs on my stats. My computer stats.


For everyone at WCSF who asked “How did you get your Spaces on Mac to have names?” here’s the answer. TotalSpaces 2, by Binary Rage, is “the ultimate grid spaces manager for your Mac” and they’re not wrong. It took me a long time to agree that I needed to utilize spaces on my Mac,… Read more about TotalSpaces

Replacing a Hard Drive

A hardware moment when in I replace my Hard Drive. Don’t drop your laptops, people.

InBox Insanity

I just don’t like that unread message count, hanging over me, staring at me, looking at me… demanding my attention.

Mountain Lion and SVN

Real fast, if you’re having SVN problems with Mountain Lion, and have an ‘old’ version of SVN, read this.

Alfred is a really neat way to run apps on your mac, without having to remember where you installed things. But it doesn’t end there! You can do so much more!

SVN up your install on Lion

Using launchd instead of cron on a Mac is a brain tickler sometimes, especially if you’re used to cron!