Last Friday we had the first ever LGBT+allies party at a WordCamp. It wasn’t really the first time we all got together, but it was the first time we stated to the world that this was what we were doing.

How did it go?

We sold out our 150 tickets. We ran out of shirts. We had an open bar and music and food (real food) and pins and stickers and a million little things. It was loud and a great many more people than I thought would show up did show up. Matt was there too.

Tracy and I kvelled about it. We never expected that. We thought maybe a dozen, or fifty at most, would show up. We thought it would be mostly the queers, filtering in and out. We thought it would be more of a flow.

What we got was a packed house. We had around 200 people who came in, queer and straight, to be there for each other and to support and hug and be there. What we got was a moment where our two tribes were there. Our nerdy WordPress people and our fabulously gay people, together, combined to remind everyone that the best part of us is the us.

Community is what makes WordPress so amazing. I spoke about that on Friday as well, that individually we are not our products, our code, but together we are 27% of the Internet. Individually, we are not just gay, straight, queer, trans, or ace. Together, we are the LGBT+ tribe. Together we are the queers of WordPress. We are a huge slice of WordPress and we are not alone.

I like to joke that WordPress makes queries for a reason, that WordPress is queer. And it really is. The last four years WordPress has gone from quietly supportive into publicly proud.

Thank you, everyone, who sponsored and came to the party last week. You stood up and reminded us that we are not alone. And as much as 2016 sucked, we have each other’s backs.

I don’t know how, but we will have to figure out how to do this next year at Nashville, because this was too amazing to do it as a one-off.

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  1. This also needs to be done at WCEU!

    Also, best party ever to be out at. Now I can really say: I came out and all I got was this t-shirt 😆 (although the Cosmos were also great)

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