I’ve been using OnPage for SEO assistance recently and decided to check out a couple other options, one of which being RankingCoach.

tl;dr – Traditional Business Only

If you want to skip the rest of this post, the summary is that they don’t meet the needs of a non-traditional business. While the interface is nice and the UX better than OnPage, the end result is that it doesn’t understand the more outrĂ© of rare businesses, and it’s not very adaptable. Oh and you have to give them your credit card.

No Location? Nonsense!

For some reason, RankingCoach assumes that all businesses have to have a physical presence. It’s 2016, and as shitty as this year has been, they don’t. A lot of businesses don’t matter where they physically are, it’s all about the virtual presence, and that’s okay. While you can force it to understand that you’re international, the idea of being non-national is still lot on them, and oddly prioritized.

The rarer the business, the worse the results

I’m going to put this out there as a level of stupidity and ignorance that upset me. There’s only one value for LGBT businesses and it’s a fucking gay bar.

You can only find gay bars

I’m going to be frank here. This moment set and sealed this product for me. Gay bars. That’s it. That’s the only gay business? What a crock.

I tried putting in TV Entertainment but there’s nothing for that:

No TV options

Business Directories First

Instead of angling for SEO by teaching you how to make your site work better, RankingCoach tells you how to get listed in business directories first. Instead of being about SEO, it’s about how to promote your business. It also gave me 30 tasks to do for helping my site rank better in local SEO, even though I marked my site as international.

Missing the Mark

Now look, I know the site says its for online marketing, but the website says this:

State of the art software for online marketing, SEO and social media

It can’t see my Twitter account, which is linked on the page. It thinks I should get backlinks from Tumblr. I happen to have a link back to the main site from the Tumblr.

There was some weird advice that was useful, like having a static front page, but it couldn’t detect half the things I’d already done, and it was totally unable to understand non traditional businesses.

Summary? Not for me.

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