How It Is

Mailbag: Life Without Contact

I don’t really miss that contact form at all.

It’s not a secret I deleted my contact form back in February. It’s been a few months since, and for the most part it’s been the greatest feeling when it comes to writing for this site.

I do miss the random cool questions people had that would lead to new posts. But that is really it.

The hate mail is a lovely thing to not get. Oh sure people still leave comments in whatever open post they can to tell me off, but those never see the light of day.

Let me just share with you the common sort of hate mail I get. Please note, this is word-for-word what was said. The only part I redacted was exactly what I’d done (and to whom) to deserve this.

You are a real piece of shit. Someone came to you with respect and in good faith to ask you but a simple request […] and you chose to fucking lecture them?

Congrats at showing what an insipid androgynous cunt you are.
You’ve now lost another user

Yeah. Someone thought that was okay to talk like that. Wanna know what brought it on? I was explaining to someone that we do not have the technical capability of deleting forum accounts on, and we’re probably not bound by any UN statutes seeing as everything you post on .org is of your own volition. The tl;dr is “If you don’t want things to be in public, don’t post them in public.”

This guy hid his email … or so he thought. I’m aware of who it is. So are the other forum mods, so if he comes back and acts up on .org, we’re prepared. Following people home and treating them like that is not welcome in any community I’d want to be a part of.

So deleting the comment form? Smartest thing I’ve done in years.