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Mailbag: No More Contact

The mailbox is now closed.

On Monday the 8th I deleted my contact form from this site and my personal one.

That means this may be the end of the mailbag.

Why did it happen? Well, looking back on the last 7 months of messages I got, I can group them as follows:

  • Requests that were meant for
  • Password reset requests for the forums
  • Requests to delete forum posts (we don’t do that by the way)
  • Requests to be hired (even though the page said no)
  • Solicitations to write for people for ‘exposure’
  • Questions people should have asked in the forums
  • A ‘quick’ question that’s an essay
  • Complains that I suck
  • Complaints that I blocked someone on Twitter/Facebook
  • Spam

The legitimate messages that were interesting and thought provoking were few and far between. If I got 4 a month, then it was less than 10% of what my inbox was seeing. And worse, blocking someone via the comment blacklist didn’t stop them from submitting a contact.

After someone informed me, via the contact form, that a post I commented on in the WordPress forums over a year ago was out of date, I said enough was enough, and removed it.

How do you contact me?

Why do you need to?

Look, my family and close friends already have my email. Anyone from WordPress who absolutely has to get a hold of me knows how to (they can view my email in my forum profile after all). And the random masses of humanity who just want to ask me something for a quick fix?

You really don’t need to contact me. At all. You just want to because you think it’s faster and cheaper. I value my time more than that these days. I simply cannot spend my time helping everyone. Not with everything else on my plate for WordPress and for work and for life.

Of course if you post in the plugin forums for my plugins I’ll help (maybe not as fast as people might like, but hey, you’re getting free help). Of course if it’s work related I’ll be there.

But I’m not for hire. I’m not here for a ‘quick’ email (which by the way, most of you send me essays). And I’m definitely not here for your abuse.

One reply on “Mailbag: No More Contact”

Mika, I have to say I applaud your embrace of self-preservation.

There are plenty of ways for people to get help with the technical side of things. Between the forums and support tickets, that’s enough. The insight you offer through your postings is helpful, but should never come at your personal expense. You don’t need to be at the beck-and-call of readers. We have other resources and know how to use them.

I appreciate what you add through both the official channels at DreamHost, and through your blog here. Mad props, girl, and much gratitude.


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