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On Site Advertising: Affiliates

Basically I’m really bad about these.

This is related to a series of reviewing on-site advertising I have used: Project Wonderful, Google Adsense, WordAds.

So what about those affiliates?

Affiliates are simply links to other sites that earn you money because, after clicking on your link, they buy something. And in my experience, they are never going to be the big money earners.

I’ve used the following, in no particular order:

All those links are affiliate links, by the way.

Unless I’m making a post that has a direct link to them, like I’m discussing them specifically, they don’t get a lot of traffic. The problem is, like ads, where do you put affiliate links for the best traction?

In a weird way, links like those are why spammers spam links. They trust people will click on the random links and buy a product. If you turn your affiliate links into banner ads, then you can be more successful, but now you just have more and more cluttering up your site.

This is pretty much why I suck at them, though. I don’t enjoy marketing. I hate the push of sales. The way I buy things is I look around, I ask around, and I test. I know what features I want and, if I don’t, I actually do ask people for help understanding them.

I’ve read multiple essays on how to effectively be an affiliate, and the advice boils down to what CopyBlogger says about being honest and authentic.

But I do reviews rarely, which means affiliate links are just these links that sit around and look link ‘powered by’ links, which they really are. I will say that I don’t have an affiliate link for anything I don’t use.