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When the lights go out on the Matt Report!

Talking about support and all that sort of stuff with Matt Mederios, back in March.

Matt Mederios interviewed me ages ago. And this post I thought I’d pressed publish on and totally didn’t… Uh. Okay, sorry, Matt, consider this a late traffic bump for you.

When the lights go out with Mika Epstein back in March literally had a power issue (the office I borrowed has a faulty sensor and timer apparently, I had no idea!) so I was in the dark for a while. Of course. But I was happy to talk about WordPress support and doing our best by you!

I had a great time talking to Matt. I’m always nervous being interviewed, and he made it painless.

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Hello There

WOW @Mika Epstein you sounds so much like me here in South Africa a all time WordPress freak 👿

Thank you for sharing your time and experience, and giving me a insight in what you do.

I must say i love the way your site is looking big ups looking super.


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