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ZenPhoto and ColorBox

A weekend spent sorting out ColorBox and how to bring a gallery into the 2010s.

A color boxI use ZenPhoto for a gallery on a site that has a pretty hefty (gigs) gallery with many albums and subalbums. It’s too big for WordPress, in my experience, and so I picked up ZenPhoto as sort of the WP of the gallery world. Not knocking WP, it’s great for text, but sorting and organizing images are a hassle. The flip side to this is that getting straight directions on how to do anything in ZenPhoto makes me bang my head on the wall.

See, WordPress has a lot of people involved, so the forums are filled with people who’ve been there before. And these people come from a varied array of talents, so some are designers, some programers, and some users. This means the documentation, while lacking in many respects, is actually a pretty awesome display of crowd-sourcing when you compare it to other web apps. The worst part is there’s no perfect way to replicate this dynamic. ZenPhoto is still relatively young, even though it’s only a year younger than nine year old WordPress! MediaWiki (at 11) is older than both, but ‘behaves’ more like the middle child, if you really want to break your head on things.

It’s a lot to do with goals, and you can’t knock any one tool for the other. They have their places. I would never try to blog on MediaWiki, nor would I put a seriously hard-core gallery on WordPress. ZenPhoto has branched out into ZenPage, a simple CMS, but personally I’d rather see them optimize the hell out of their back end, which could use some UI love. Still, a lot of its simplicity is why I chose to use it instead of, say, Gallery or Coppermine.

But the help is still lacking, so today was a bit of a wrangling and head bashing.

What I want is, you’d think, straightforward: How do I edit the default theme of ZenPhoto to include ColorBox? If you ask this on the ZenPhoto forums, you get an understandably annoyed mod saying ‘This has been asked before.’ I feel for them, but as a mod and a user, I look at that and think ‘If people keep asking and you can’t give them a link to how to do it, something’s not right.’

The directions I found in the forums never worked, but it wasn’t long before I realized why. There were simple typos. So here’s how you can turn on ColorBox for ZenPhoto.


1. Activate the Plugin

This is a duh moment, but go Admin -> Plugins and check ColorBox. You do not need slideshow.

2. Make sure ColorBox is on for your theme

Go to Admin -> Options -> Plugins and click on ColorBox. Then find your theme and make sure that the pages you want to run ColorBox on are checked. I only wanted it to run on albums, so that’s all I checked.

3. Edit your theme

This is where everyone’s directions fell apart for me. Since I only want it on albums, I went to my default theme copy and set my image section to look like this:

        <div id="images">
        <?php while (next_image()): ?>
		<div class="image"><div class="imagethumb">
		<a href="<?php echo html_encode(getDefaultSizedImage());?>" rel="showcase" title="<?php echo getBareImageTitle();?>"><?php printImageThumb(getAnnotatedImageTitle()); ?></a>
		<?php endwhile; ?>

Make special note of your classes and rel here! In specific, notice how that I have two divs for image and then imagethumb? While either one will work, I made a note of imagethumb, since it was a little more specific. Also I made a note of the rel in my image itself, in this case rel=”showcase”

Then back up before I close my head section, I added this:

	<script type="text/javascript">
	// <!-- <!&#91;CDATA&#91;
	$(".colorbox").colorbox({inline:true, href:"#imagethumb"});
	$("a&#91;rel='showcase'&#93;").colorbox({transition:"none", height:700, width:"75%" });});
	// &#93;&#93;> -->

See how I’m using the showcase and the imagethumb? That’s why I needed those.

4. Customize

Everyone says ‘Read the directions!‘ but when you look at them, they’re written for people who know jQuery. I don’t. So when I don’t know what I’m doing, I make a list of what I want. By the way, yes, it irritates me when directions are ‘too techy.’ You can’t know where people are in their understanding of things, and you can’t expect everyone to be amazing at everything. I was very close to appealing to anyone who owed me a favor for help before the end of this.

No set height

That’s as easy as removing height:700 from my js.

Force colorbox to treat my cached image as an image

Just add photo:true to the js. I had to do this because my server renders the images via a php file (to redirect to cache) and this was causing funny problems. It’s a known issue, though, so one I figured out how to search for ‘ColorBox is making my images show up as gibberish!’ I found the answer.

Put a link to the full sized image

And here began my headache. If I put in this (where I used to have the height code):

title:function () { return "To view full size, " + "click here!".link(this.href);}

… then my link goes to the getDefaultSizedImage() size (which is a max width of 540px for my theme) and that isn’t what I want. I could change it to getFullImageURL(), but then colorbox loads the fullsized image, and that’s just a little silly and bad for bandwidth. I spent the next hour reading up on jQuery to understand that I really wanted to pass data through. Finally I struck about the notion that I could make a new variable in my href.

full=<?php echo html_encode(getFullImageURL()); ?>

This makes a link to the full-sized image. And then I changed this.href to $(this).attr('full')

In the end, it really wasn’t hard, but nowhere were all the pieces laid out in a way I understood. I’m happy with how it all turned out and the site now behaves like it’s 2012.

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