Git The Master Race

I was working on a project, a side project for fun with a friend, and she expressed a slight worry. We weren’t using any versioning on our theme or mu-plugins code. Or anything else for that matter. There were three of us. We thought about using GitHub until I pointed out I had git on… Read more about Git The Master Race

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

“Helen and her damn thongs” is a line that remains stuck in my head forever. In this case, it’s Jekyll and it’s damn forks.

Supporting Open Sourced Clients

After a big release changes functionality and design, a lot of people will complain. ‘OMG! Things CHANGED!!!!’ Mostly they’re mad about how their clients are complaining, but … shouldn’t you have warned them in the first place?

Custom Post Types Are Not Posts

For WordPress, a Custom Post Type doesn’t mean what people seem to think it means. Even after a year, folks are still forgetting that the key phrase is ‘post type’ and not ‘custom.’

All Subs Are Equal

In August, Google changed how their Webmaster Tools treat your subdomains. Will this grow to impact search engines? Not in Panda, at least.