How It Works

Common IT Answers

All work and no play makes IT a stress filled hell hole.

I actually have this sitting on my desk at work. It’s so old that the fluid has evaporated enough that it doesn’t work right anymore. But I keep it and use it. What is it? A magic 8-ball of tech support! Many moons ago, our CDW Vendor gave my boss a Magic 8-Ball for programmers showing the answer “IT’S NOT A BUG – IT’S A FEATURE”. The top of the ball says “For your most commonly asked IT requests.” Some of the answers are blatant CDW adverts, but the rest are answers I know I’ve used at least once:

  • Did you press the right button?
  • I can’t test everything
  • It worked yesterday
  • It works like I programmed it
  • It works on my machine
  • It’ll be fixed in the next release
  • It’s a Beta – What did you expect?
  • It’s an unlikely coincidence
  • It’s just an isolated incident
  • it’s not a bug, it’s a feature
  • It’s not supposed to do that
  • Please submit a formal request
  • Plug it in
  • Program works. Must be user error
  • Reboot
  • Someone changed my code.

Sadly, the thing is dying. I may have to learn how to make a new one, since right now it’s stuck showing me a corner instead of a face.

I’m not the only person who uses these, though. Eric Mack did as of 2004!