If you need help with my plugins etc, post on the WordPress forums. If you post off of my plugin pages in the repository, I’ll see it and take a look when I can. You can read more about my Plugin Support if you need.

If you need help for hire, I have a list of people I recommend.

If you want to know if you should or should not use Multisite, I no longer answer that question. It’s too complicated and time consuming, and unfair to you and me.

Rates & Availability

I’m also not available for contract work. In fact, right now I’m not available for hire at all. I have a full time job that involves what you’d normally consider consultant work, so I’m busy.

When I am for hire, I use set rates (not hourly) per task, based on current going rates for WordPress and support. I do not design themes (though I can fix them). Dehacking a site will always start at $100. The only real exceptions to this are people who I would let sleep over at my house, or fan-charity work. They always get insanely discounted rates.

Please don’t ask if I’m available at this time, the answer is no and I’ll just delete your email.

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