Dogfooding DreamPress

While I work for DreamHost, and I’ve used DreamPress since day one, I haven’t have the opportunity to put a serious, stress site up on it. The reason for that is simple. The two sites I have that I might do that for are ineligible for pretty much all managed WordPress hosts … because they’re… Read more about Dogfooding DreamPress

Upcoming Speaking Gigs for DreamHost and WordPress

WordCamp San Francisco – July 26-29 (“Don’t Use WordPress Multisite”) DreamCon – Aug 2-3 (“Choosing¬†WordPress Plugins” and “Get Out Of The Monkey House”) WordCamp Portland – Aug 10 (“Rolling Your WordPress Support Character (without any code)”) You get me twice¬†at DreamCon. Twice the elf for one low payment! I believe all these will be recorded… Read more about Upcoming Speaking Gigs for DreamHost and WordPress

Kick PageSpeed Up A Notch

If you’re using Apache and PHP 5.3 on your DreamHost domain, you have the magical power to enable Google PageSpeed. Just go and edit your domain and make sure you check the box for “Page Speed Optimization”: But what does that even mean, I hear you ask? PageSpeed is Google’s way to speed up the… Read more about Kick PageSpeed Up A Notch

Contact Form 7 and Anti-Spam

DreamHost has a fairly simple anti-spam policy, which can be summed up as this: You cannot send email from an address that isn’t your domain. If that was greek to you, don’t worry. What that means is that my WordPress blog here can only send emails as That poses a small problem if you’re… Read more about Contact Form 7 and Anti-Spam