Plugins: What a B*tch

The old tagline on this site was “Half Elf, Full B.I.T.C.H.”

I removed it ages ago because, while I got the joke, it didn’t always translate well. The tagline was actually from Tabatha Coffey, who was a contestant on a Bravo reality show Sheer Genius, trying to find the best haircutter. The show was awful, Tabatha was not. She had her own show for a while, Tabatha’s Salon Takover, and she was basically the Gordon Ramsey of haircuts.

At some point, she ‘took back’ the word “bitch” and said it stood for Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Creative, and Honest.

I like to think I’m that.

Anyway. This is short and our subject won’t even get a name. That’s how annoying he is.

User submits a big plugin. On review, which doesn’t take long, it’s found to be a rebranded copy Elementor. It wasn’t even a well done copy, it barely changed name and there was no new code. The plugin was rejected with the normal note of “hey, this looks like you meant to upload a plugin to your site. We’ve rejected it. Please don’t do that.”

The email is actually pretty kind and explains what the plugin submission form was for and all, and how to properly upload to your own site. While it’s weird to me, that issue happens all the time, and it’s part of why we have code that checks the name and auto-prevents you from uploading things with the same name (even if it has a different slug).

The reply?

you bitch.

I thought that was a little extreme and suspended the account, emailing the standard boilerplate to explain why (tl;dr – jumping to that is just not something a mature human should do).

Our edge lord du jour snaps back:

you call that extreme? you asked for it because you’ve rejected my plugin!

Okay, kid. Have a nice life.

He was never heard from again.


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  1. @Ipstenu "… jumping to that is just not something a mature human should do" – Made my day! 🤣