I’m not often speechless but today, I was.

Since I retired from Plugins, it’s been really quiet for me. Which is the way I like it. I still sit on the sidelines, happy to advise and dredge up old history. I covered a couple exceptional cases with developers who were on the verge of being banned (and happily managed to get one on the right track). But the only plugins I reviewed were for work or myself.

Today, working on some in-depth learning (because we’re always learning), the doorbell rang and a large package was delivered. My wife asked if I ordered a frame for some art we’re thinking about hanging, but I hadn’t. As soon as I opened it, I caught a glimpse of a drawing by Ben Dunkle, which has hung in various places in my office since my very first WordCamp San Francisco.

I must have repeated “What!?!” a dozen times as we unwrapped it and saw this:

An "album" that shows a drawing of me with the title "Mika Epstein - A Retrospective" -- Album notes are in the text below.

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I know that WP Release leads get things like that after their ordeal is through.

I was, in no way, expecting anything like this.

To Matt and all, you are very welcome. And this is appreciated in a way you might never understand, but I am touched from the bottom of my heart.

I never actually counted how many plugins I reviewed over the years… And that doesn’t even touch on the myriad closures, re-openings, and transfers.