Hiatus: Irregular Updates

From here out, updates will be irregular.

This will not be the final post on this site, however after six years of regular, two to three times a week posting, I am putting a pin in the promise of two posts (minimum) a week.

The reality is that I’m just too busy now with writing to write.

You can pause for laughter there.

I’m busy with another site, and writing and the various work that it entails. Shockingly to me, I’ve found I’d rather work on it than this. For a long time, I was super happy to do both, but the reality now is that I’m not.

Of course if something comes up in my regular work that I can share, I will, or if I find a wild bug or a cool workaround. But I don’t actually have the time to dedicate to that amount of blogging here.

And so, at 1035 posts, I thank you all for reading. This blog absolutely changed my life.

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