Gutenberg Categories

Want to make your own category for Gutenberg Blocks? You can!

No, this isn’t something snazzy about doing cool things with categories within Gutenberg (although you could). This is about making a section for your own blocks. A category.

What’s a Category?

I’m incredibly lazy, so when I use blocks, I type /head and make sure I get the right block, hit enter, and keep on typing.

The slash command at work!

But. Sometimes I think I need a specific block and I don’t know the name, so I click on the circle + sign and I get a list of categories!

Block categories

You won’t see reusable if you didn’t make some, but the point is that you could make a custom category for your custom blocks.

Show me the code!

Glad you asked! You’re gonna love this one.

add_filter( 'block_categories', function( $categories, $post ) {
	return array_merge(
				'slug'  => 'halfelf',
				'title' => 'Half-Elf',
}, 10, 2 );

Yep. That’s it! It’s an array, so you can add more and more and more as you want. Don’t go too wild, though, or you’ll make it too long.

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