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Disable Google Ads on One Page

So you’ve given up on whitelisting your page with Google ads and want to get that one page out of the way?

After my adventures with Google telling me I was hosting adult content (again, this is actually my third go-round with them), I’m here to inform you that you can now block Google Ads on one page only.

Add a URL Channel Add a URL Channel

First you have to tell Google what your URLs are that you want to treat differently. For that, we’ll use a URL channel which you can find at My Ads > Content > URL Channels. Now, you only get 500 of these, which means you can only flag 500 unique URLs as … well … unique.

Add a new URL channel - It gives you some examples, but basically forget using wildcards.

You may notice, no wildcards. So I can add but not*/.*[porn].*/ which would be pretty cool. Once you’ve added your URL, you’ll see it like this:

URL channel in place, it's basically a list of all the URLs you treat special. Nothing fancy.

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Edit Ad Settings Edit Ad Settings

I’m using Auto Ads because I’m incurably lazy, as my friend Syed knows. So I go to My Ads > Auto Ads, but if you were using specific units, you’d go to My Ads > Ad Units. There you go to the Advanced URL Settings section and click on the add button for a new URL Group.

Advanced settings, there's a button for "New URL Group" and nothing else explanatory.

This brings you to a page where you can select the URLs for this group. 

A massive list of all URLs. This could get messy, Google. Thanks.

When you’ve picked all your URLs (and yes you can add more later), click next and you’ll get a list of all the possible ad units. Uncheck them all. That’s the point of this, right? Finally you’ll review the group and give it a name. I picked “No Ads” since that’s what this was.

Review the group, come up with a name, make sure the URLs are correct.

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Annoyances Annoyances

  1. You have to add in each URL one at a time
  2. There’s no wildcards or regex
  3. You only get 500 urls
  4. You still can’t talk to a human

All in all, it’s another day with Google.