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Will You Help Me Sell My Plugin?


I get asked this a lot. It comes with the territory, but people ask me to help them monetize their plugins all the time. And my answer is always the same.

No No

As much as I am a strong advocate of people making money off of WordPress, and as much as I support plugin and theme devs in their work, I’m not out here to help you run your business. While I do spend time thinking of ways to get people to pay for services and software, I don’t prioritize it, and most of my ideas are just that. Ideas.

Really what people are asking for is my ideas and my free work. And to that, I say no.

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Business Help Isn’t Free Business Help Isn’t Free

If you wanted to hire me to help, to look at your code and to assist you in coming up with business strategies, based on my experience in the WordPress world, that’s a different matter. That gets a ‘no’ because I don’t have the time to dedicate to that work. I have a full time job that I do like, and I have some volunteer work I enjoy, and I have a very addictive side project. Since I enjoy being married, I don’t take on extra work right now. I don’t need the money.

But the point here, if you can’t tell, is that yes, I would expect you to pay me for my work.

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I’m No Good At Sales I’m No Good At Sales

Of course, keep in mind the fact that I’m a terrible salesman. I don’t like exaggerating what a product can do, I don’t like even suggesting a lie. I downplay. And that’s because I don’t like it when people promise the moon and only deliver low Earth orbit. I want realistic goals and possibilities. Can you do anything with this plugin? Sure. But it comes at a cost and I feel people should know that cost.

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I’m Hard to be Bought I’m Hard to be Bought

Everyone may have a price, but my price is rarely money. I know this sounds weird, since I said I expect people to pay me for my work. You see, asking me to do you a favor for free doesn’t really happen. But also, asking me to do you a favor for pay won’t happen.

And by this I mean reviews.

I’ve been asked, many times, to review people’s themes and plugins and post about it here. And in general, I say no. I review the things I use and like because I use and like them. I’m driven by usability. If I like your ‘thing’ and I think people should hear about it, I’ll talk it up. If your thing is free or for sale, I don’t care. What I care is if your thing was what I needed and wanted, and I liked it.

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I Won’t Help You Sell I Won’t Help You Sell

That’s not my deal. It’s not my deal on this blog. I’ve never been bought off for a review, I’ve never been asked “Would you review this product of mine?” unless I’ve already been known to use it. And even then, I’ve told people “You don’t want me to review it. I like it, but you have some bad bugs.”

I’m honest. I’m direct. I’m incurably truthful.

You probably don’t want me to help you sell your stuff, but if I really like it, I may anyway.