The question of the day. “Does having all your posts indexed on the main page of your site cause the highest SEO value to be in your main domain name and not the individual posts or categories?”


What is your homepage for?

As a reminder, you don’t have to have all your posts listed on your main page, or any page when you get down to it. When you don’t we call those ‘static sites’ but really what we mean is “A non-newspaper site.”

Yoast talks about this with regards to what they call homepage SEO. As Michiel notes in that post, the point of your homepage is to load fast, explain the purpose of the site, and direct people to where they need to be.

Where Is SEO Value?

The SEO value in your site is not going to be in the homepage or the category pages. It’s not in the archive pages either. The value of your site is found in your important content. We call this your flagship or cornerstone content. Those are the pages you want to drive people to, to get the most out of their visit.

There’s a lot of good advice about how to make good content like that, from CopyBlogger and Yoast and more. But the point they all make is that the mead and meat part of your site is the content and not the index.

Do index pages lose SEO?

Again. No. Look. I get it. The real question is “Will sending everyone to my home page screw up my cornerstone SEO?”

No. That’s not how it works. If people are looking for “your website topic” then yes, they will end up on the home page. And if your home page is a constantly rotating list of pages, then yes, they will see links to some deeper content.

But that doesn’t hurt your SEO. Google will rank your cornerstone pages properly because they will rank higher. They will have more specific content. They will be your centers. So spending all your time coming up with fancy ways to get rid of content that is underperforming, hiding it and removing it, it’s just a waste of time and energy. Of course that’s a bit of a different topic.

Your homepage won’t hurt your SEO

Listing your recent posts on your home page doesn’t hurt your SEO. Actually it helps a little to have a ‘recent posts’ section. But no, having the posts lists doesn’t hurt the SEO. Your site will be just fine. Don’t make weird CPTs to shuffle things around.

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