I think … I like it and I don't like it. Yeah that was the worst review ever, so let me explain.

Overall, I like the direction

I'm a big text-editor person. I like the control, I'm comfortable in HTML, and I really only used the visual editor in the last 3 years because I felt to fully support people with WordPress, I needed to do so. Naturally this means I'm probably the least likely candidate to like Gutenberg. But I do.

I don't like the animations

The transition animations feel 'off' to me. When I start typing, the icons for styles (bold and italic and so on) vanish, which is nice, but they reappear when I move my mouse. This is a problem if I want to go back and edit a previous block. Things are cut off.

I like that everything is a block

The simple idea "Everything is a block" is really nice. I can understand this easily, and it was no hard jump to think of my content as blocks. Moving blocks around is also nice. The idea of blocks and modular content suits me.

I don't like that 'tab' doesn't work

When I'm writing in sections, blocks, I can't use TAB to navigate back and forth. Yes, I want too. Since I can't use my arrow keys either, it's really annoying. Navigating by keyboard is a huge part of what I do daily, and I like to keep that. ## I like that I can use Markdown* The `*` is because I can kind of use markdown. And by kind of what I mean is in the above line, I used `##` to make the H2 block. On view, it works. In the editor though it looks like this:  An example of inline markdown I'm not super fond of that. I expected it to magically transform. ## I don't like the meta-box experience Okay. This is the advanced user stuff. But I use meta boxes. I spend a lot of time making my meta boxes fix the screen space. I added content to the publish box. And I'm not the only one out there who customizes the heck of the sidebar and the below the post area and … Yeah. I'm seriously concerned about that. Right now, all I see on the sidebar is a 'drop cap' toggle, which I probably won't use. I'm watching the Advanced Drawer discussion very closely with that in mind, since I have a post type with, literally, a dozen meta boxes. And no, not all will fit on the sidebar. ## As a whole… Gutenberg is really neat. It has some serious quirks, but that's why it's in beta testing at the moment. So please. Test it. As Chris Lema said, the people working on this plugin need our feedback. If you're a hardcore WordPress user, be that a developer or an advanced user, please download the latest plugin and leave your comments over here. To that end, comments here are closed.

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