How It Is

On Trust and Money

This won’t have all the answers, and in fact it probably leaves people thinking “But …” and that’s okay. You don’t have to like everyone and everything.

So. Headway Themes. In the last two years, they’ve gone from being a pretty interesting drag-and-drop theme that I thought was cool but not for me to a disaster. With the recent posts by former employees, and the complaints of customers, I feel bad for everyone involved.

But this is not about how another company could have handled things better. No, this is about trust.

You see, with the debacle that ensued, while it was going on, I was looking at desktop clients for local development on my new Mac. I have DesktopServer (love it) and VVV (… love it …), but I’d been hearing about this new docker type image set up thingy called Pressmatic.

My buddy Pippin loves it, and I trust him with a lot of things. Pippin and I hate doing things the hard way, and if he found this easier to use then awesome. There was just one teeny problem for me.

You see, it was owned by one of the people behind Headway.

Now I’m not trying to tell you not to buy software becuase of a previous situation. But like I mentioned (in passing), I still don’t like to use GoDaddy because I disagree with their ethics and marketing strategy. It’s not to say they’re right or wrong, but I don’t like it, and since I don’t have to use their products, I don’t.

The big difference here, though, is that if you asked me “Should I use GoDaddy” I would tell you the truth and it’s this: Sure. Why not?

It’s hard to explain this in 140 characters, or even a chat at a crowded bar with burritos and beer. I just feel there’s a big difference between the choices I make for me, and the choices you make for you. But there’s also a difference between the choices I make because I must, and the ones I have freedom on.

There are a lot of things I personally don’t like. I had a terrible experience with United Airlines and now I don’t fly them unless I have to. I had a series of shitty discussions with Jeep and now I won’t buy them. I had a horrific Amazon shipment screw up where they wouldn’t refund my pre-ordered copy of a DVD that was broken on arrival, because the pre-order was more than 3 months prior.

It took Amazon about seven years for me to get over that.

I’m not quick to forgive, if you can’t tell.

So when I tell you “I don’t feel that I can use [whatever]” and that isn’t followed by “And I hope you don’t either” then it’s really just me, having a personal moment where I don’t like a thing or a product or a marketing choice. Where I had a bad experience.

Everyone is going to have a bad experience with something. People hate the bank I used to work for, and they hate the hosting company I work for now. It happens. People I like and respect hate choices my company has made, and I understand that. I don’t beg or plead or wheedle or even complain. I nod, I say I understand, and I ask if I can do anything to help them. Even if that helping is helping them move to a new web host.

Trust is a thing that is given, and when broken takes a long time to re-earn. Right now, the situation with Headway gives me serious trust issues with Pressmatic, to the point that today I don’t feel that I can purchase what looks like a damn nifty product from them. And it’s not because I don’t think the product is good, or that I’m trying to punish them. It’s that I have doubts that they care about the little guy. Specifically, I doubt they care about their little guys.

When I have the choice to vote with my conscience, I do. When I have the responsibility to vote for my fellow man, I do. And when I have the ability to use something that pleases my little hippy, communist, socialist heart, well god damn it, I am going to do just that.

The converse is also true.

I have freedom to chose. And so do you.

Go use GoDaddy. I’ve heard amazing things about their managed service. And Pressmatic? It works awesomely! Jeep? The new ones are kind of great for off-road stuff and the heated and cooled seats are great in summer. United Airlines? They let me switch a flight around at the last minute for now fee when I had to fly them.

But I won’t use them by choice right now. And that’s okay. Maybe one day that will change, but it’s not today. If you can’t stand those things, that’s okay too. I hope you dislike them for the right reasons, and I hope you can keep yourself away from hatred and anger, but I get that it’s hard.

Like what you like. Dislike what you don’t. Vote with your feet. Trust the ones that you feel you can trust.