Fauxgo and Rickroll

April Fools is today. I hate April Fools ‘jokes’ as pretty much all of them are cruel.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to tell you about two plugins I created that are pretty much useless but educational.


Released in the WordPress.org plugin directory, this plugin changes all your videos to the official Rickroll video. All. Your. Videos. The point it was made for is that you really can run a filter to do some pretty impressive things with videos. Including replace them. You can take the logic of this plugin and apply it by filtering (say) all videos embedded in comments made by a specific person. That would really mess with them. Or you could possibly call YouTube’s api, check the rating of the video, and if it’s over a certain amount, show a default instead.

Download: WordPress.org – Rickroll


This plugin replaces the WordPress logo with a Fauxgo. Why? Someone complained to me that you couldn’t rebrand WordPress entirely. So I did. The thing about this plugin was that it was deucedly complicated to make work right. Most of the trouble was the CSS is ‘weird.’ But once you have it installed, everything looks different ‘ish’ and suddenly you’re not sure what the logo is anymore.

I plan to edit this and write it as using an SVG icon instead of the icon font.

Download: Github – Fauxgo




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