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DreamObjects Droplet

Giving the world a nope-ta-pus!

I have DreamObjects, I have Transmit, and I have gifs I like to throw at people. I’d been using a tool called CloudUp, which is cool, but it had been broken for a while and was bothering me, so what I really wanted was a way to save my images to DreamObjects. It’s dogfooding, right?

Add To Transmit Add To Transmit

I like Transmit. I have the desktop app and I’ve used it for years. They do it right. Early on they added S3 to their app, so adding DreamObjects to it is so simple it’s painless. We have cool directions on the DreamHost KB about how to do it.

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Make a Droplet Make a Droplet

Once you’re connected, you need to make a droplet. I happen to have a bucket called ipstenu-images which I use for all my images. I know, it’s totally imaginative. Next I hit right-click and selected ‘Save Droplet For Folder’. It looks like this:

Select the folder you want and right-click. Pick Make a droplet

I chose to save mine in the ‘favorites’ folder, which I sync on Dropbox. I did choose to save the password information as well, which if you’re doing this on your own computer is relatively safe.

When it saved, it opened up a Finder window with my new Droplet, named “DreamObjects droplet.” I dragged that to my taskbar and tested it by dropping an image.


That’s my default test image.

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Set Permissions Properly Set Permissions Properly

Except it didn’t work!

Permissions Error

The permissions error was because the upload defaulted to only letting the owner see the image. Thankfully this is an easy preference setting in Transmit. Go into Preferences, then Rules, and at the bottom you have permissions. Click on the S3 tab and change “Read” from “Owner” to “World.”

Change S3 Defaults to READ: WORLD

Now anyone can go to and see a nope-ta-pus!