CMB2 And The Dropdown Years

Making a year-range in CMB2 is easy (if you befriend a developer).

At WordCamp Montreal, I mentioned the database of dead lesbians that Tracy and I maintain. The camper looked at it and said “You know it would be awesome if you showed the shows airdates.”

Good point! Except I just plain struggled with the concepts and how to do them in CMB2. I knew I could make multiple fields in one ‘metabox’ as I read up on the snippet for an address field, but try as I might, I couldn’t make it work.

I tweeted my headache and ended up talking to Justin Sternberg who asked me if I could explain my use case better.

I have 300+ posts, all of which have a start and end date. Some may have an end date of “current” however.

Examples of valid data:

  • 1977-1979
  • 2016-current
  • 2000-2016

I also need to sort by start and end year. So I can search for all posts with a start of 2014.

I could have two year-sorts, easily, but that makes for a clunky interface as it would be separate fields. I know CMB2 can have a combined field (like addresses) but while I got it to save, it wouldn’t properly display on the edit page.

This only needs to be editable on the WP admin edit post.

That night, he replied and asked if this year-range field type would work.

Mind? Blown. It works exactly how I need it to. I tweaked the code (and threw in a pull request) to set up a way to reverse the years (show newest first) which is more useful for my needs.

Now? Editing 319 show entries.

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