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Mailbag: Multisite or Not?

Nope, still wouldn’t use Multisite for this one.

From Ian:

Hi, I wanted to comment on one of your articles and see if any one would provide feedback, but the comments are closed. I have been avoiding using Multisite as you recommend. Several have tried to get me to go that way, but it didn’t seem right. So in the cases of when a business wants to have independent sites that share the main sites content, what would you recommend?

There was more to the email but it boils down to this. They want a site that has all the local content and all the main brand’s content.

When you get to the point of ‘sharing’ content, Multisite is less and less of a winner. While we’re still in a pre JSON API world, which would make this a bit easier, I lean towards the basic simplicity of categories.

I’d have a main category for ‘news’ and another for each independent site (say ‘locale1’). Then I’d craft my theme to pull in posts from ‘news’ and ‘locale1’ and style it per the brand designation of each locale.

The plugin Groups may be what you want to control access for things.

One site. Easy to cross-relate content. Done.

No multisite.