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WordCamp Tokyo

Another upcoming WordCamp, this time overseas!

There was something about me being busy this year… I’m headed overseas on the 7th to my second international WordCamp (Montreal being the first, back in 2012).

WordCamp Tokyo 2014

WordCamp Tokyo, I will be on a panel discussing the Worldwide Usage of WordPress. Representing America, I’ll be on an international panel to explain where I see WordPress being used and where it’s going here (and in Canada, I can speak for them, I am half-Canadian, I’m my own hat!). I am highly delighted about getting to say ‘international panel’ to some of my family. This is my first time on a panel for WP, though!

Wapu - MascotThis is my second trip to Japan. The last time was in 2008 when I spent 12 days hiking around Shikoku with my father and brother, visiting the temples of Henro in Awa Prefecture. One day I’d like to get the chance to finish the hike. It was beautiful and amazing and blew my mind.

Also this is why I had to decline WordCamp Europe and Dallas/Fort-Worth, both of which I really wanted to attend. I can’t do that much travel in that short a time, seeing as WordCamp SF is right around the corner. I’m really excited to be going to Japan and getting to talk about WordPress while I’m there. This is one of those things you hope will happen when you get a job with a company as cool as DreamHost.

I know I won’t see many of my regular followers there, but I will see some wonderful new faces and I can’t wait.

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Very cool Mika. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, and it’s one of the first destinations on my list when my boys get a bit older!

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent the WordPress community;)

Have fun!

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