Mailbag: Multisite Files

Moving Multisite Files. Again? Why not!

Another mailbag! This one is a few people… No, this is the one most people ask me. I understand why.

I really do understand it’s intent, it’s goals, and I try to keep up with it. I use it daily. When I write plugins for it, I spend hours trying to decide how to properly support it. I may even write in checks on the ones that don’t work on Multisite to auto-fail when you activate and prevent you from using them. I will argue till the cows come home that Multisite is for multiple separate sites. But that said, there’s also an exception to every single rule.

A bunch of envelopes

Let’s get to the letter! Kevin in Canada has a Multisite with a uploaded files conflict:

The site is setup as default /files for the upload dir. Problem is, my client already has a directory in the root called /files. It cannot be changed as it houses software exe’s and needs to remain as /files. I need to set the upload path to /media for the images and not mess the site up. I read your blog post about this issue but wondering if you could clarify the steps. Right now, software download requests are redirected to the homepage!

The steps are, alas, complicated because the situation is complicated. The blog post Kevin’s referring to is called Dumping ms-files. If you’ve installed WordPress as of WP 3.5, this is the new default anyway. That would mean that Kevin has an old Multisite.

The ‘easiest’ option would be to start over with Multisite, use a fresh install of 3.9 and go from there. Second to that? Well the dumping MS files stuff is not easy and it really can’t be easy. You can try trepmal’s directions but after that you’re getting into writing a little bit of your own custom directions, and that is going to be really complicated.

I’m not 100% clear on why these can’t be moved, so I’m guessing that the issue is the lost redirections. While I believe good URLs never change, I think that redirecting them is okay. These are .exe files, which means if, before the .htaccess rules for WordPress, you were to put in a rewrite rule and check ‘If you’re looking for /files/*.exe, go to /otherlocation/filename instead’ that might get around it, or even to say ‘if files and NOT exe.’ Maybe something like this:

# uploaded files
RewriteCond $1 !\.(exe)
RewriteRule ^files/(.+) wp-includes/ms-files.php?file=$1 [L]

Mind you it’s weird. Either you had Multisite first, which would explain the /files/ for uploads, or you had the EXEs in /files/ first, which doesn’t explain how you got this far into it at all, since 3.5 came out in December 2012, and that would imply you built the Multisite in 2012 and have had this problem for at least 18 months, give or take, which is a long time to have a problem and do nothing about it.

If you started with WP 3.5 or later, you just make a /files/ folder and off you go, no code needed. If you started before that, you can follow the directs to undo MS files and then make a files folder and be done. Make sure not to forget about the .htaccess rules!

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