Put on your hakama and play Karuta, WordPress style.

The idea of WordPress Karuta is based on the Karuta (カルタ) game in Japan. Karuta means, essentially, card game and yet is a very popular game to play competitively. The cards are written with the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, which are 100 famous poems, and the game is played very simply. The poem is read and the first person to find the card of the poem and tap it gets the card. In the end, the most cards wins. It’s also really wild to watch.

At WordCamp Tokyo they introduced me to WordPress Karuta.

WordPress Karuta Cards

The game is simple. The black cards are to be asked aloud and you grab the pink card with the answer.

I now have all the data from the 2013 and 2014 cards and the plan is to make a GlotPress site where we enter all the Japanese original data and translate it so anyone, anywhere, can make the cards to play and teach. Yes, teach.

If you’re an American, think of it like Jeopardy the card game and pretend you Alex Trebeck is saying this: “Display the URL of the individual pages, such as posts or fixed page.”

And you go, “Oh! the_permalink!!”

But instead you grab a card.

This would let people learn in a fun way, as it forces you to think about the meaning behind the code. It’s easily extendable past just code, you can ask questions about plugins. For example, an answer might be ‘WordPress SEO’ to a question of ‘A plugin that allows you to connect to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Yahoo sites, and also edit your robots.txt file.’

I’m going to work with Markus and Shin to translate this so everyone can try their hand at WordPress Karuta!

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  1. Mika, this would be a great way to get our local PHP class thinking more about WP! Do let us know when you get an English version worked out!

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