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Upgrading Multiple Macs

What if I told you … you only had to download that 5 G file once?

So Mavericks came out and it’s about 5 gigs. You’re looking at your three computers and crying at your bandwidth caps.


So check this out. Go ahead and download the new OS:

App Store

Now BEFORE you run it, go to your Applications folder (mine is mid-download, but you get the idea):

Mid Download

By the way, that fake date is a very important date in Mac history. Cute, Mac.

Copy that 5 gig app somewhere else. Maybe a thumbdrive if you have one big enough. You can then copy that to any other Mac and upgrade. Or make a bootable DVD and use that to install. Enjoy.

Now I’ll be off to download once and upgrade thrice. Wish I could do it for iOS.

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