Now I know what you’re thinking. “Mika, there are a hundred plugins that let you log in via Google!”

That’s not what I mean. Let me explain with a story.

You have a business,, and you use Google Apps for everything. Then you start tying this into other companies, like a time sheet company, that let’s you ‘Login with Google’ and redirects you to the right company settings. Cool, right? Kind of like this:


And you think you’d like an internal, private, blog, where people can post cat pictures. Or whatever. What if you could just have the login screen be that Google button? And you know there’s a bajillion plugins for it, but you want to have it be only people on So can’t login, but and can too!

I want that.

I have not yet seen it, but I think that would be an amazing plugin. By default, the domain it ‘validates’ would be the one on which it’s installed (so here it’d be, but you could override it (which is good, since I’d want to use Then you’d want it to ‘generate’ new users if they don’t exist, since you don’t want to have to add every single new person, right?

Oh and you don’t have to terribly worry about that fired guy,, because once he’s fired and you disable the email account, he can’t log in!

Some concerns of course would be Two-Factor Authentication. Also how do you handle multisite? I would envision a default nothing-set option for Multisite, where the network admin could network activate, and set the default domain there. Add in a check box for “Allow individual sites to override?” at the very least. Maybe a sneaky “Always allow the super admin to log in” setting too, though that gets complicated fast.

Cliff Seal pinged me about this and said he’d been fidddling with but he never finished. Who’s up for the challenge?

And no, it did not escape me the hilarity of me, a loud “I don’t like Google owning all my data!” person suggesting this.

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  1. Perhaps start a fund for it? I’ll contribute $25 to help get it started.

  2. My Simple Google Connect plugin had this partly working. It’s primitive, but it does work. Wouldn’t take a while lot of effort to rip that code apart and change it up to handle this properly. Two factor is an easy addition too.

  3. Permit Google login but only from approved domains i.e. Google Apps?

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