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WordPress Multisite 101

I wrote an ebook about running your own network without tearing out your hair. It’s a cheat sheet for the rest of us.

So there’s this thing. I blog a lot, but sometimes the ‘lessons’ I want to teach would take up a few thousand words. I’ve sorted out that any blog post over 1200 words is ‘too long’ and I try to split it up. But then how do I organize it? Let’s face it, books are useful for a reason.

After compiling and colating all the emails, IMs, forum posts, and blog posts Andrea and I have made over the last couple years, we realized we had a novel. The problem was organizing it so the scope wasn’t maddening and daunting for us to write, nor for the user to read. Finally inspiration struck. If you’re using Multisite, you really need to know WordPress first. You have to walk before you can run, as they say, and with Multisite, you have to already know how to do the basics.

This book will not teach you how to pick a host, copy files up, create a database, or any of those things. It won’t even tell you if you should or should not use Multisite. What it will do is help you go from WordPress to WordPress Multisite, configure the options, understand what they mean, sort out the standard problems, and help you figure out what you need to know and where you need to be in your own head in order to do this thing.

And it’s free. Well, no. It’s not. It’s pay what you want.

That’s the other thing. I could go the traditional route with a book, find someone to publish it, etc etc. Or I could self-publish on the iBook store or eJunkie and take a hit for the overhead and the hassles of all that. Or… Or I could address the real problem about making ‘money’ with books. Obscurity. I have a whole philosophy about paying for ebooks and you can read it if you want. But the tl;dr for you is this.

Pay me whatever you think the ebook is worth. If you aren’t going to pay, you weren’t anyway, and that’s nothing lost from my end. I’d appreciate a fiver if you find it useful. I totally support you downloading it first, reading it, then paying later. After all, how do you know it’s what you wanted without reading it?

Grab a copy of WordPress Multisite 101, it’s in ePub and PDF. You know the drill. Right click and save as.

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Definitely going to have a look at that book when I have some time! That pay what you want concept is very cool. It would be interesting to have some figures about that in a couple of months. Just curious 🙂

So far it’s averaging $7 and about 3% of the people who download are paying for it. So clearly I’m not going to quit my dayjob 😉 I have a spreadsheet, and I’m tracking downloads by IP, so multiple downloads are ignored.

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