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Sidebar Login Widget

A quick bit of code and a question about where you like settings.

This comes up a lot.

The basic concept is you want to allow users to log in and out via a sidebar, and never see the admin-end of WP. There’s an awesome plugin called Sidebar Login that already does this, but I decided to play around and make a dead simple widget. There’s no ajax going on here, and very little code since it all calls the built in functions and filters.

It lets you make a few choices, as to what verbiage you want to use, and if you want to show login/registration info or not. The registration link won’t work if you have registration turned off, natch.

All the code is here at Hack: Sidebar Login Widget

Really those hacks are more ‘mu-plugins’ that I don’t want to support, but still wrote, but you get the idea.

I’ve taken to writing up the code, when I can, for people in the forums a little more, since it helps me as a developer get better with WordPress. I’m still new at wrangling widgets, so this was a new, and interesting, experience for me. That brought up questions for me, as to where people like the plugin ‘settings’ to be.