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Multisite eBooks Updated for WordPress 3.5

All of my Multisite eBooks, both PWYW and Kindle, have been updated for WordPress 3.5 (which is due any second now).

Cat BookNo, it’s not out yet, but it is in Release Candidate land. This means that you can download and test 3.5 RC3 now to help us debug and finish up so that WP 3.5 is ready ASAP. Nacin says, don’t put this on a live site unless you’re daring. I’m running it here, which is a Multisite, so I can tell you it works.

In preparation for all this, I’ve updated WordPress Multisite 101 and WordPress Multisite 110 for use with 3.5. Very little was needed to be done, but getting to say “Yes, you can install WP in it’s own directory!” is one of the happiest things I get to write. The only thing that’ll make me happier is the day I say “It’s easy to change the blog slug.”

In addition to adding in the 3.5 information, each ebook has been updated to reflect other community changes, such as new plugins to help you make it through the day, and the magic of per-site-registration.

As always, my ebooks are Pay What You Will. I suggest a $5 donation, but I also encourage you to download, read it, find value, and then come back. Sadly I can’t do that with the Kindle copies, which are priced at $7.99 in order to break even with those costs.

Oh and the reasons you should test 3.5 before it drops:

  • You wrote a theme/plugin
  • You support people who use WP
  • You want a much better media upload interface
  • You want to give WordPress it’s own directory and run multisite
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