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My plugins are ready for 3.1

Just in time for the Beta release of 3.1, I’m happy to say my plugins are ready for it! And if you find out they’re not, tell me!

I did a quick run through my plugins, and everything is ready for 3.1, even the tricky wicket of Register IP – MultiSite, which is now Version 1.0.

New things:
Register IP – MultiSite works for both 3.0.x and 3.1, single and multisite. The fix put in by the dev team means that the same actions will work for all site types! Yay!

Disabler now lets you disable the 3.1 admin bar (thank you, Ozh!) but NOT as a default option. Remember, Disabler is meant to allow you to pick and choose what you want to disable. If you want a site-wide/mu-plugins type setup, you’ll want to use Ozh’s plugin Disable Admin Bar.

I’m seriously tempted to ‘sunset’ Recently Registered since it’s fugly and doesn’t work right.