How It Is

Plug It In, Plug It In

I’m the sort of person who codes something because I need it.

vilcus-plug-it-inI am not a great programmer by any means. I can hack around and muddle my way through with the best of the great net scapegraces. I’m not the genius who invents a brand new way of doing things. That said, I do, eventually, get annoyed with things enough that I force myself to learn how to code.

Yesterday I was pissed off at WordPress because of it’s user management tools, and no plugins really did what I wanted. See, I have open registration. It lets me sync my blog and forum and let people post. But where it fails is that I can’t set users as ‘banned’ in WordPress. This is a simple thing, I feel. A user role that has no rights and is just banned from commenting. They can read all they want, but no comment. I’ve tried just about every tool out there, but they never work. In addition to that, spammers sign up to my blog.

Since creating a ‘bozo’ user role is outside my ability, I decided what I wanted was a plugin to prevent people from registering if they were on my blacklist, similar to how I can prevent them from commenting on my comment blacklist. At first I was using TimesToCome Stop Bot Registration, which (among other things) uses StopForumSpam’s list of spammers as a stop-gap.

The problem with TTC is that if you register with a bad email ( instead of and then try to register with the RIGHT email, it notes that the IP is the same and bans both emails and the IP. Which caused a couple people no end of problems on my site. It had to go.

From there, I tried No Disposable Email, which checks against a list of known baddies. That was nice, but it was a text file list that you had to update by hand. But it got me thinking.

I quickly converted it into Ban Hammer, which allowed me to update and edit the text file from a submenu inside my admin session. But that wasn’t enough. Why did I have to have two places to keep my jerk list? If someone was on my WordPress Comment Blacklist, I didn’t want them to comment. That implies they’re just not welcome at all. So why don’t I make Ban Hammer pull from that list. Which I did.

I still have things I want to do to the code, like put in an option to use StopForumSpam’s list, and a way to edit the error message. But for now, Ban Hammer sits by my other plugins, Recently Registered (lists the last 25 registrations) and my bbPress plugin Spoiler Bar (adds in spoiler ‘code’ to bbPress) on my Google Code site. It’s not for ‘public’ release, but it’s there so my friends who have been helping me test out my ideas can easily download. What? I have nerd friends!