Safari 3 beta came out for Mac and Windows. Naturally I download Safari 3 for Mac last night and test it out, planning to pick it up on Windows when at work.

On a Macintosh, things are like a pleasing mix of Firefox and Safari. There are a couple bugs I dislike (like Firefox’s ‘Allow Popups from…’), but I adore that it now alerts me ‘Dude! You’re closing multiple tabs!’ if I quit, and ‘Hey, you’re entering text in this window, you sure you want to close it?’ if I close this tab. So on that note, yay.

On Windows it sucks balls. Oh, it’s fine on my XP home edition, but as soon as you add in Windows wackiness of Roaming Profiles, and proxies, and it dies.

Mac makes two critical errors:

1) Not letting you manually adjust proxies. Picking it up from IE seems sensible, but having used IE and multiple other browsers, I can tell you it’s a bad idea. IE settings work for IE. Firefox has to be different, slightly, and so does Safari. So instead, they should default to IE, but allow you edit access.

2) Preferences don’t grok roaming profiles. There’s no way around how huge this is. If you want Safari to be used in corporate America, you must allow for roaming profiles. This means either you let relative pathing do it’s job, or you allow the users to manually set profile locations. The latter plan isn’t really going to work, since Mac lives by the ‘Do everything simply and have the user do nothing.’

My solutions are simple sounding, and they won’t fix everything, but it’ll get them started.

Hey, Mac, I used to build MSIs!

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