Catch a Session

Me, talking about ecommerce, running a store, and yeah, a little Heartbleed.

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

“Helen and her damn thongs” is a line that remains stuck in my head forever. In this case, it’s Jekyll and it’s damn forks.

Welcome the Warehouse

It was incredibly simple and basic to make a store online using WordPress, a good theme, and a good plugin.

Your Website is Work

“But it’s HARD!” Yes, yes it is. That’s why it’s work. Let’s be honest about this so people aren’t surprised by this.

Censorship in Moderation

Not everything to do with technology means code. Curating a website means, often, you have to edit your content and your comments in order to foster the sort of relationship with your visitors that you desire. In doing so, are we censoring?

Retina Favicons

Time for a Favicon Reboot because of two words: Retina Display.