Plex + Roku = TV

Watching TV from the computer on the TV can totally be done.


For everyone at WCSF who asked “How did you get your Spaces on Mac to have names?” here’s the answer. TotalSpaces 2, by Binary Rage, is “the ultimate grid spaces manager for your Mac” and they’re not wrong. It took me a long time to agree that I needed to utilize spaces on my Mac,… Read more about TotalSpaces


Torrenting is really easy. It’s also legal, depending on what you torrent.

Cloud Experiment

An experiment with CloudFlare as a cloud proxy service. I now understand it, and I can recommend it to certain people.

Tiny Tiny RSS

When you’ve just had enough, you learn something new. Today it’s running my own web-RSS reader.

Alfred is a really neat way to run apps on your mac, without having to remember where you installed things. But it doesn’t end there! You can do so much more!

United States Patent: 8010458

An online social network is provided in which members of the online social network control who may view their personal information and who may communicate with them. The members control who may view their personal information by setting a visibility preference. A member may not view another member’s full personal profile if the measure of… Read more about United States Patent: 8010458