La Vitesse

The art of caching and catching content. Understanding what makes up static content is the first step to speed.

Nginx Proxy

I finally set up nginx as a proxy for my apache box. This is not true nginx, and I can’t run SPDY on it yet, or even SSL, but it sure does speed stuff up!

Cloud Experiment

An experiment with CloudFlare as a cloud proxy service. I now understand it, and I can recommend it to certain people.

I Don’t Understand CloudFlare

Protecting your website can come in many flavors. I’ve always learned towards doing as much on the server (vs in the ‘app’), but the new trend of external services that speed your site up and protect you confuse me.

Cacheless (or not)

A lot of words in order to make a smaller, faster, leaner, meaner site. My experiment with going sans Caching Plugins begins.