Git Subtrees

Branching the modules into trees works a lot better and solves a long standing wish of mine.

Git Flow

Late as always to these git things. In the ever increasing madness to the method of making code easier to do, we come to the automation of git-flow. This is a library of git subcommands that helps automate some parts of the flow to make working with it a lot easier if you’re using Vincent… Read more about Git Flow

Stick a Fork In It

Merging your fork back into itself by pulling in the changes from the parent isn’t hard, just weird.

Git The Master Race

I was working on a project, a side project for fun with a friend, and she expressed a slight worry. We weren’t using any versioning on our theme or mu-plugins code. Or anything else for that matter. There were three of us. We thought about using GitHub until I pointed out I had git on… Read more about Git The Master Race

Personal Version Control With Git

It’s Git-ting better all the time. I set up my own git repo on my server in order to manage my own version control a little privately.

Deploying With Git

It may have taken me a year, but I’ve finally figured out that I was wrong the whole time, and using git to handle deployments isn’t impossible, it’s just different, and it can totally be scripted.

Command Line WP

Git’er Done! I sat and installed wp-cli on Friday and spent my Labor Day weekend messing with it.