Failure of Imagination

It’s an accepted fact that all code will, at some point in time, break. The Open Source community is plagued with this problem, but it’s not endemic just of them. Software aging and rare conditions cause failure in all software.

Blocking IPs – Don’t

The short-short version of this is “No, I’m not going to re-write my plugins to BLOCK IP addresses. It doesn’t help.”

Don’t Fear Wandering Off Topic

Bill Engvall’s wife commented that he wanders off topic, and sometimes you have to suffer through ‘Bad Weiner Day’, but eventually he’ll get to the point. The point here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to wander off topic.

When to Code

My high school had, as it’s primary lesson, a goal of teaching us the difference between wants and needs. I continue to apply that to my every day life, and especially my code.

CAPTCHA Isn’t Accessible

The concept was great. Make a way for people to easily prove they’re people and stop bots! The problem is it’s no longer ‘easy’. Nor do they work.

Backup Your Data

We all know this adage: Your data is only as secure as your last backup. But how do you backup? What do you backup? Where do you put it so that your data is safe, secure, and above all, accessible in a pinch?

What is Cloud Hosting?

This came up because I’m considering moving to cloud hosting. I don’t have to, yet, and since it’d cost me an extra $25 to $30 a month, I’m not planning on it just yet. (Actually, it would be pretty much WHAT I pay now, if I drop cPanel, which is an extra. But for the… Read more about What is Cloud Hosting?