HTTPS and WordPress

You can set up HTTPS on WordPress smartly or less smartly. Let’s be smart.

How To Duplicate Content

A question I’m asked a lot is how can two sites have exactly the same content. While I really cannot fathom a good reason why, here’s how I’d do it.

Subdomain vs Domain

When two words are very similar, it’s easy to get confused. Which witch is which? Whether, weather, and wether. Affect vs effect… Okay, you know, English sucks. We have way too many words that will drive you to drink, and if you know anyone who’s learned English as a second language, please take time to… Read more about Subdomain vs Domain

phpMyAdmin vs CMS

By ‘CMS’ I mean WordPress, Drupal, whatever. So here’s a funny. I moved my DreamHost site to a VPS, so I could learn nginx (I’m still a newb) and suddenly I couldn’t get to my phpMyAdmin anymore! Before someone says it’s DreamHost’s fault, this is actually due to how I installed subdomains (which I don’t… Read more about phpMyAdmin vs CMS

WordPress Multisite Subdomains Without Wildcards

The easiest way to run a Multisite network with subdomains is to use wildcard subdomains, because they’ll automagically map to and WordPress will in turn translate that for you. When you’re on shared hosting, you can’t do that. But don’t worry! If you’re willing to do it manually, every time you have a… Read more about WordPress Multisite Subdomains Without Wildcards