Where Did Underline Go?

So WordPress deleted underline and you’re losing your mind? Maybe you should rethink your understanding of underscores.


Ramping up your WordPress site on mobile with Google’s AMPlification project.

Long Term Vision

While it may seem ‘easier’ to make multiple separate plugins that all do similar things, long term it makes your developers crazy and hurts your users.


I love fonts. They’re a great way to make your site unique. Back in the early 2010s, we were all using them all over the place. It’s time to retire them.

Too Many SVGs

Slow down, your blog’s gotta last. You’ve got to make that download fast! Just zipping through the kilobytes. Viewing your site should be so groovy.

Making More With Less Work

Making my code do more work for me, with custom meta content and repetition. And repetition. And repetition.

Project Bloat

Can we have a serious talk about project bloat? During the framework kerfluffle, I remarked that I hated seeing a 10 line plugin needlessly include a framework like CMB2 because of the size of plugin it created. Someone remarked that if the library helped them write something in ten lines instead of 100, wasn’t that… Read more about Project Bloat